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Thursday — September 5th, 2013

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This is the last page. I will write something more later. I will also upload a blank page later for the new readers not to get spoiled on the ending.


Stick In The Mud - a new webcomic

Hey everyone!

The next web project I’m going to be drawing is Stick In The Mud! Can’t really tell you what it will be about, because currently the prologue is in progress and I don’t want to spoil it.

For a few days the comic will update DAILY! Then three times a week on a normal scheldule.
The site is a bit temporary, but the comic is what matters.

Please check it out!

Technical Difficulties

There will be no new AQB this week.
Two weeks ago we signed a lease on our new appartment. This weekend we called on the owners, ready to move in, only to hear that they woulnd’t be able to move out of their place just now, but a few days later.
Already being homeless for two days and squatting at a friends’ appartment we were rather displeased.
We got screwed by untrustworthy owners of our new place and we’re currently living out of boxes, most of our stuff put away in a friend’s cellar.

Unfortunately this means that I have no materials or space to work on A Quartz Bead and will be doing short comics for my main site instead. The english version of the strips I will post on the facebook page.

Over and out!

A monday break

I’m sorry guys, but the week-long trip to my hometown really left its mark on me and I just couldn’t manage to get the page up done. It also requires some additional design that I just didn’t do in time before leaving.

Not to leave you empty-handed, if some of you haven’t seen our cool project Erocomica, I invite you to take a look. It’s a page celebrating comic erotica by some great Polish artists.

Monday’s on Thursday

September’s been a month of animation for me and the last couple days I spend finishing a movie. The film is for an 11 second club competition. The monday’s page will appear on thursday and I welcome you to see the movie instead:

Amazing fanart picture

From the amazing Spellcaster, author of Stripfield, which you should be reading.

Interview about A Quartz Bead!

The guys over at Xcentrikz were really nice to interview me about the comic. Check out their site as well as  the rest of the interviews, including creators of No Need For Bushido, Zombie Hunters or Scary Go Round.